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At Tone King Records, we believe that recording music is an art whose goal is to accurately capture the true Spirit of an artist's musical voice & personality. As professional musicians ourselves, we know It's not just about getting a good sound, it's about getting your sound - Capturing the sonic essence that makes you who you are as an artist or band. Whether you want to cut live tracks right off the floor, overdub, mix or master, we can help you capture your sound & vision so that who you are as an artist & musician will shine through loud & clear in your productions.

Jason Fryer - Producer/Engineer

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A veteran of the Canadian Music Scene, Jason has had the honour of playing with some of Canada’s finest musicians. Juno & Maple Blues award winning artists such as Jerome Godboo, Eric Shenkman, Jerry Mercer, Steve Marriner & Matt Sobb, Al Wood, Murray Kinsley, Leigh-Anne Stanton, Rod Williams, Thomas Starwalker Clair, David Maracle, Greg Morency, Scott Price, Simon Meilleur & Bobby Watt are but a few of the many Canadian greats Jason has enjoyed sharing the stage with.

He has also had the esteemed & rare privilege to work with & study under legendary producer/engineer & former V.P. of Island Records Rob Fraboni. (Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt) Rob's generosity in sharing his vast & expansive degree of knowledge & expertise in the field of sound recording has been an invaluable asset to Jason's development as a producer & recording engineer.
  • Recording
    • Argosy Dual 15 Workstation
    • Apple iMac 5K Retina
    • Apogee Symphony IO 16x16
    • Avid Artist Mix
    • Avid Artist Transport
    • Logic Pro X
    • Pro Tools 11
    • Waves Plugins
    • NI Plugins
    • Eventide Plugins
    • Steven Slate Plugins
    • IK Multimedia Plugins
  • Monitoring
    • Bryston B3 Pro SE Power Amp
    • Bryston SWB2 Speaker Switch Box
    • Yamaha NS-10M Monitors
    • Castle Knight Bookshelf Monitors
    • Rane HC 6 Headphone Console
    • Sennheiser Headphones
    • Mogami Cabling
  • Outboard
    • Neve 1073N
    • Universal Audio 1176LN
    • Universal Audio LA-610
    • Chandler Limited TG Passive Channel x 2
    • Chandler Limited TG1 Stereo Limiter
    • Vintech Audio Dual 72
    • JoeMeek Studio Channel VC1Qcs
    • Audio Accessories Bantam Patch Bay
    • Furman Power Conditioners
    • Argosy Rack n Roll
  • Microphones
    • Neumann TLM 49
    • Neumann TLM 103
    • Neumann KM 184
    • Neumann KMS 105
    • Sennheiser MD 421
    • Sennheiser MK4
    • Sennheiser e901
    • Sennheiser e902
    • Sennheiser e904
    • Sennheiser e906
    • Sennheiser e614
    • Shure SM7B
    • Shure SM57
    • Shure SM58
    • Cascade X-15 Stereo Short Ribbon
    • Vintage 1940's Astatic
  • Instruments
    • Gibson ES-390
    • Gibson ES-339
    • Gibson Les Paul Standard
    • Gibson Les Paul Custom
    • Gibson SG Standard
    • Gibson Songwriter Deluxe
    • Gibson Hound Dog Dobro
    • Fender Mustang Bass
    • 1962 Rogers Drum Kit
  • Amps/Cabs
    • Trinity Boutique Hand-Wired Tube Amplifiers
    • Marshall 4x12 Slant Cabinet
    • Ampeg PortaBass 250
    • Ampeg PortaBass 1x10 Cab
  • Effects
    • Budda Wah
    • Fulltone Mini Dejavibe 3
    • Sonic Research Strobe Tuner
    • Xotic SP Compressor
    • Xotic EP Booster
    • Fulltone OctaFuzz
    • Fulltone PlimSoul
    • Fulltone SupaTrem
    • Vintage Marshall BluesBreaker Overdrive
    • EH Holy Grail Neo
    • EH 360 Looper
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    Argosy Console

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    Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors

  • Stacks Image 159

    Castle Knight Bookshelf Monitors

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    Argosy Rack n Roll

  • Stacks Image 169

    West Coast Pedalboards

  • Stacks Image 170

    Universal Audio, Apogee

  • Stacks Image 171

    Chandler, Vintech, Joe Meek

  • Stacks Image 179

    Bryston, Neumann, Trinity

  • Stacks Image 180

    Neumann TLM 49

  • Stacks Image 181

    Gibson ES-339, ES-390

  • Stacks Image 182

    Neve 1073N

  • Stacks Image 190

    Avid Artist Mix, Artist Transport

  • Stacks Image 191

    Neumann TLM 103

  • Stacks Image 192

    Gibsons Wall of Fame

  • Stacks Image 197

    1962 Rogers Holiday

  • Stacks Image 200

    Vintage Rodgers Drums

  • Stacks Image 203

    Vintage Zildjian Ping Ride

  • Stacks Image 206

    Trinity Tweed Internal


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